The Schryver Family // Charleston, SC

The Schryver family means a lot to me. I wrote a while back on Facebook about why this family is so special to me when I posted a sneak peek picture from their session. This was one of the families my mom nannied for. I still have her calendar, with Alison's name written down on it for the next month, the next year - 2016. Sadly, she didn't get to see 2016. 

Even so, there is a kindred connection between the people that were special to my mom and I. Despite what I've lost when mom passed, I've also gained family through her friends. People that genuinely care. People that love you no matter what. People that see the best in you and want the best for you. And Alison is one of those friends. My mom was truly surrounded by beautiful people.

Though she didn't get to meet baby Reid, she cared for Luke and loved him with her whole heart! I'm so proud to say that this is my first blog post on my website, because it is especially personal and special to have photographed this treasured family. Luke & Reid's grandparent's even made it in some pictures! I've dedicated my website to my mom, because she would always ask if I had one, and I always procrastinated (read more about my story HERE). She pushed me to follow my dreams. So here I am, doing just that. Thank you Schryver family for being a part of this beautiful new beginning! I hope you are blessed by these photos in the same way you've blessed me!